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CircusCowNov. 23 2019

What will be happening?

This update has been in the works for 3 months now, and we're really excited about it. We will be resetting all realms (playtime and ranks are the only things that will NOT be reset) and bringing new features along with refined feautures that already exist on our 1.13 realms. The update will occur on November 29th at around 11am CST. We understand that some of you will be upset about the reset, but we are confident the resetting is the best move for our 1.14 update. By doing this, it has allowed us to optimize and perfect things that have needed tweaking for a long time now. We will also have full 1.14-genned 25kx25k worlds ready for you all to conquer! We will also be saving the current 1.13 realm maps on "legacy" servers for those that only play on The Seed for their builds. The realm names will be staying the same, so you will all be able to return to your beloved home-realms when this update does occur. For more information, please feel free to contact the community admins or myself.

Egg Race

To make things more exciting and encourage existing players to get back in the game, we're hosting a competetive event. We will be giving $150 USD to whoever kills the ender dragon first. The winner will be calculated based on most damage done to the dragon, and the end will be monitored by the team for foul play. Damage will not be counted until the end crystals are destroyed.

Noteable Changes

New Chestshop System - We will be moving away from ChestShop, simply because it is very out-dated and lacks a lot of features. We will be using a new Chestshop system which you can preview here.

Dungeons - The introduction of Dungeons will occur a little bit later on after the update. Players will be able to purchase Dungeon keys to different dungeons with in-game cash which provide the player access to the Dungeon for as long as they can sustain themselves for inside of the dungeon. There will be different leveled mobs within each dungeon that all contain their own drop table. Each drop table will have commmon items and rare items. The goal with Dungeons is to give players something to grind after, with the probability of having to slay hundreds, or even thousands, of a certain monster in order to obtain that rare drop that the player is grinding for. More information about dungeons will come soon!

Global Auctions - This one is big. We will be hosting global auctions (the entire network will be bidding for the same item) that will be selling ultra-rare, unique items for very high prices. Auctions will also take place later on after the update in order to let players make some cash first. We will provide more information on this topic when we plan on starting these auctions. Nonetheless, we are very excited about this new feature!

Economy - We want the player economy to be the primary source of cash-flow within The Seed. We have slowly strayed away from that on our current 1.13 realms, but we are making changes to ensure that does not happen this time around. We are confident that the economy will be far more enjoyable to participate in after this update. Please view the summary of changes and additions below to see how we plan on doing this.

Summary of changes & additions

- New Chestshop system
- Added /well that allows players to compete for highest wealth
- Added dungeons
- Added global server-operated auctions that sell unique and rare items
- New kits are now GUI-based and cooldowns are global
- Added quests and removed achievements
- Added a /server GUI
- Enderchests are now global
- Added 2 more lobby servers
- Implemented unique custom items
- Claiming is now enabled in the End and Nether

- Global shop transactions are now instant
- Items can no longer be sold to the shops at spawn
- Removed in-game money rewards from crates
- Removed in-game cash from the webstore
- Warps now expire properly and are removed from warp list when expired
- Ability to mine spawners is now only for commoner+
- Using color codes when changing item names is now possible for bishop+
- Removed some jobs that were used for money exploits and were overall useless
- Newcomer-Nomad have 1 job slot, Commoner-Bishop have 2 job slots
- Pets are now global
- Donor claim block rewards now work properly

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