Gear up slayers, the first dungeon is ready to be taken on.

The Infernal Dungeon will be the first and only dungeon open at this point in time. The other dungeons will be opened over time.


The monsters within the dungeons are not weak. Be sure to gear up before entering. It is also very important to remember that if you die within the dungeon, the only way to retrieve your items is by purchasing another key to re-enter the dungeon.

How do I enter the dungeon?

Use /dungeons in-game or right-click on the Dungeoneer at spawn. Select "Dungeon Keys" in the menu to view the keys that are currently being sold. Once you use your key, you're granted access to the dungeon for as long as you can survival until you either die or leave. YOU CAN NOT RETURN TO THE DUNGEON ONCE YOU LEAVE (unless you purchase another key).

NOTICE: The dungeons are expected to be over-crowded upon initial release, which will make getting kills more difficult. If this becomes a big problem, we will implement a max-player system for each dungeon.

What's the goal?

Each monster in the dungeon has a drop table. You can view the drop tables using /dungeon droptables. Dungeons are a great way to make money and obtain rare items that can only be found in the dungeons, you just have to be dedicated enough. The player that does the most damage to the monster that dies will receive the drop which will be protected from other players if they try to pick it up.


We have many future development plans for dungeons, and there will more than likely be existing bugs upon release. Please report any bugs found to the staff.

Good Luck!