Gear up slayers, a new dungeon has been discovered!

Dungeon Blackmarket

The monsters within this dungeon seem to be carrying rare and valuable items that you can sell to the Dungeoneer in exchange for the new and powerful gear that he offers! Legend has it that the Depths Armor set is the strongest armor set obtainable right now. You can view these items using /dungeon and then clicking on the Dungeon Blackmarket button. Each item requires a specific amount of items that the monsters within the dungeon drop. It's up to you to slay enough Crystal monsters to obtain these items!


The CrystalMancer dwells at the depths of this dungeon. He possesses the rares of the items needed to obtain the Crystal Depths Blackmarket loot. The CrystalMancer isn't alone. The ocean orbs that he spawns are dangerous and deflect most ranged attacks, so make sure to take them out first. Good luck.


The monsters within this dungeon should give you more of a challenge than the last. Be sure to gear up before entering. It is also very important to remember that if you die within the dungeon, the only way to retrieve your items is by purchasing another key to re-enter the dungeon.

Additions/Changes Summary:

Dungeon Stats now displays the name of the monster rather than the type
New Dungeon Blackmarket
New Dungeon Boss
Any armor that has properties/enchantments that aren't vanilla (Legends Armor, Depths Armor) will now have an "Armor Rating". This rating gives a general idea of the protection level it provides to the player that has it equipped.


For basic information on how dungeons work, please check out the Dungeon Wiki Guide


We have many future development plans for dungeons, and there will more than likely be existing bugs upon release. Please report any bugs found to the staff.

Good Luck!